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My expertise lies in developing business strategies and translating them into tactical plans. I can help you 10x your Marketing impact and promote innovation & creativity within your company. Here are a few ways I can help you unlock your maximum potential.

Fractional CMO

As a fractional CMO, I create strategies, elaborate plans, build and manage the Marketing team and external collaborators. I spearhead your Marketing activities to achieve your business goals.

We start with a full audit (a crucial step - an audit will paint a clear picture of your current situation and opportunities), a new or upgraded Marketing plan and then a weekly presence to move things forward. 


  • Long-term contract (5 months +)

  • Embedded within your team 

  • Best when you need a Marketing Director who can hit the ground running but you don't have the time or resources to make it happen. Alternatively, a good solution for parental/sick leaves


Marketing Advisor

As a Marketing Advisor, I assist you with your Marketing endeavours. I'm your sounding board and fresh pair of eyes to turn a problem into a fruitful opportunity.

Areas of expertise: Marketing plan & strategy, Team management / mentorship, Organic traffic / SEO / Content, Brand positioning & messaging, Sales enablement 


  • Short-term or project-specific length

  • Async and present when needed (not embedded within the team)

  • Best when you need a sounding board and support to overcome specific obstacles. Excellent for Marketing managers and business owners



An M&A is one of the most conflicting and difficult company stages to manage. It happens only once or twice in a career so it's difficult to know what is the best course of action in such uncharted waters.


I make this transition smoother for you and your team. I coach management and decision-makers when it comes to managing and announcing the M&A, transitioning the brand and company's activities, and doing so while keeping your Marketing profitable.


  • Your M&A doula

  • Before, during and after the acquisition

  • Best when you have sold or acquired a company and need an experienced guide


Hours Bundle

Being committed to your business growth pays off!


I offer an Hours Bundle that gives you access to my marketing expertise and saves you big in the long run. I'm here to spearhead your business growth - the more we work together, the greater the impact and the more comfortable your wallet will be. 

100h = 10% OFF

200h = 15% OFF

300h+ = 20% OFF


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